Consider the four dimensions of transformational leadership

November 20, 2020| Ecadimi

Consider the four dimensions of transformational leadership


Answer discussion questions and respond one a student post.Answer discussion questions and respond one a student post.Answer discussion questions and respond one a student post.Answer discussion questions and respond one a student post

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1. Working for Red Bull, we get to be involved in many different events, working with all types of people. There was an event I worked where the President of the Great Lakes Marketing team was running the entire thing. He is basically the top tier executive in the entire Mid West region, and those executives don’t come around to do field work very often so it was very intimidating. He is a perfect example of organizational power, because of how high his position in the company is, and more specifically has legitimate power. He mainly used consultation and collaboration as influence tactics, allowing lower employees to participate in ideas and work together creatively to make the event more exciting and smooth.

2. My job can be very weather dependent, because of lot of what we do is driving and being outdoors. There was one shift where we had to drive up north to work an event, but due to a giant snow storm we were told to not drive up, and instead to pick something else to do to keep the shift in town. I wanted to do a “working mission” as we call it, because it was the type of shift we are suppose to have the most of, and it is a good way to be inside more than outside. My coworker on the other hand, wanted to do a “study mission” as we call it, because it is an easy shift to pick up on the fly, it always is fun, and gets out a lot of product. to resolve our different opinions in work plans, we decided to collaborate, where we both go to do what we wanted. We spent have of our shift doing a working mission, and the other half doing a study mission.

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  1. Consider the four dimensions of transformational leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Which of those dimensions would you respond to most favorably? Why?

– Personally I enjoy individualized consideration the most. I feel like this helps me reach my potential sooner and better. I also feel like the leader is taking a personal interest in my wellbeing and hoping I become a valuable member of the team.

  1. Can you think of any potential “dark sides” to transformational leadership? What would they be?

– Some people can have a lot of charisma due to knowing what to say and how to say it. Unfortunately, this can result in a person unfamiliar with leadership roles being put in power without knowing how to do his or her job. You need both the skill sets of being inspiring and the knowledge of how to be a leader.


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